What separates you from other Recruiting Firms?

The people who work for us separate us from our competition. It is their level of commitment, service, results they provide and special relationship they build with each one of our clients. Everyone at HR Search works diligently to become a Trusted Advisor to each of our clients.

We also specialize in Human Resource and Payroll Positions. By focusing our efforts, in these two areas, we have been able to build an incredible network of top talent that benefits the clients we represent.

Lastly, it is our 24/7 accessibility - we share our work, cell and home phone numbers with our clients!

How quickly can you fill our open opportunities?

Most contract positions are filled with a 48 hour turn around, depending on your interview process.

For direct positions, much depends on your interview process. In an effort to fill your positions as quickly as possible, we request the following information when we obtain your job specifications:

  • Interview Times
  • Specific Target Date to fill
  • Sign off from everyone involved in the hiring process
  • Details on your efforts to fill this position
  • Experience that may be missing in the department
  • Problems existing as a result of this vacant position
  • What was missing in candidates interviewed to date

This information helps us fine tune our search process to provide you with results. We continue to work on your search until we fill your position. If one of our candidates is eliminated during the interview process, we do our best to present additional candidates.

What is your Guarantee Period?

We believe in the top talent we represent, and provide a 12-month pro-rated replacement guarantee on our direct placements. If for some reason we cannot re-fill a position, you will be provided with a letter of credit that can be used for any future hire within a 12-month period of time.